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  1. All meetings and discussions subsequent to the initial free consultation, whether in person, telephone, email, or/& facsimile, are charged at the regular hourly rate. Time spent reading or writing emails or/& faxes is not charged unless particularly long or involved.
  2. A backup of all site files will be maintained by Web Right Designs and can be provided on CD to the client if requested for a minimal administration fee.
  3. Web Right Designs will maintain the confidentiality of client's source materials, technical and marketing plans and all other sensitive information.
  4. Web Right Designs will track all time spent on this project and charge the client at the regular hourly rate of £15 - £35/hour and/or agreed fixed fee.
  5. Web Right Designs will correct any errors caused directly by Web Right Designs at our expense. This does not include changes to the brief, copy, or style changes not already mentioned at the commencement of work.
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