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  1. The site's main purpose & design style will be outlined and agreed during the initial consultation, and confirmed in the resulting quotation.
  2. Domain names will be registered, and hosted on behalf of the client by Web Right Designs for a period of one year. Unless previously purchased, in which case clients will be responsible for any transfer and administrations fees imposed by the provider.
  3. All pages may also display small-print copyright notice and web-site-designed by notice.
  4. All content will consist of copy or graphics provided by the client as necessary/ if deemed appropriate.
  5. Keywords and META tags will be added to all pages and submitted to a minimum of 10 search engines, but no other assurances can be made concerning "ranking" by search engines. Further search engine registration and marketing can be arranged on request.
  6. Pages will be designed to display well in the major browsers, screen sizes, and platforms.
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